The Purpose

The Purpose

Monday, December 28, 2009


Lessons from 3 idiots

We have studied  4Ps of marketing. Now Let’s look at 3Ps of Job Search.

For job search, keep 3 things in mind.

1.       Passion : Look for something you are really passionate about. Just look at your past and think what activities ignited your passion. Like Rancho said, “don’t be an engineer just because your family wants, go out and shoot animals (with camera of course)”

2.       Perfection : there is no point in being passionate about something  if you can’t be the best at it. And remember !! you may be perfect at something which you haven’t tried till now. 

3.       Paisa : last but not the least !!! Believe me, people’s appreciation of Aamir’s character would have been much lesser if Phulsookh Bangdu  was just a school teacher, not a scientist with 400+ patents.

If we able to combine these 3 Ps, we’ll land up in our dream job !!!